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Deactivating YoastSEO marker buttons when using a custom editor in a WordPress theme or plugin

disabled YoastSEO marker buttons

I’m currently working on a WordPress theme that comes with its own drag & drop visual editor for page content. The client also uses the popular YoastSEO plugin for SEO purposes. So, we have to make sure that the readability and SEO analysis are still working with the new theme. As the editor uses shortcodes, […]

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Google Maps JavaScript API v3: Handling large amounts of features using clustering in data layers

So, I started this Google Maps based project last week, and the last time I had to do with the Google Maps API was several years ago (just right before the release of either v3 or maybe even v2) and I didn’t do much beyond playing around by adding some markers and lines back then. […]

GoPro Studio: import of video files doesn’t work – how to fix it

Diesen Beitrag gibt es auch in Deutsch! Today I had the strange problem that I couldn’t import the MP4 video files of my GoPro into the GoPro Studio any more. No matter if I used drag&drop or the „import new files“ button, I could see the „Loading…“ overlay flickering shortly, but no file was added […]

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Sherlock: Music from Series 3 – Official Track Listing

[Werbung] wegen Affiliate-Link The official soundtrack for series three of the BBC’s masterpiece „Sherlock“ has finally been released, and many people have hoped for it to include the dubstep version of the „Hero’s Theme“ (part of „The Game Is On“). The good news is: It is included right at the start of track 11, as […]

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Probleme mit dem DayZ Mod für Arma 2 beheben / How to fix problems with DayZ mod for Arma 2

Heute mal ein Beitrag, der hauptsächlich für googelnde Personen mit dem gleichen Problem gedacht ist, daher zusätzlich auf Englisch! ;) / This is a blogpost mainly for people coming via Google, having the same problem I had when trying to get DayZ mod for Arma 2 to run (English version below the German version). Gestern […]

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