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GoPro Studio: import of video files doesn’t work – how to fix it

Diesen Beitrag gibt es auch in Deutsch!

Today I had the strange problem that I couldn’t import the MP4 video files of my GoPro into the GoPro Studio any more. No matter if I used drag&drop or the „import new files“ button, I could see the „Loading…“ overlay flickering shortly, but no file was added to the list of imported clips on the left.

First I thought that the files I recorded yesterday might have been corrupted for any reason, albeit them being played back in VLC or Windows Media Player without any problems, because older files worked just fine. Then I tried to import them directly from the GoPro connected to the PC – and Ta-da! – it worked. I copied the files over from the GoPro again, thinking that the files had been corrupted during the copying process – but that didn’t work out. As a last attempt I renamed the directory of the files on my computer – and it worked!

Turns out, GoPro studio doesn’t like special characters like German umlauts in the directory or file name! Brackets seem to work, but put any of the characters „äüöß“ (also tried the Spanish ñ and Swedish ø, as well as accented letters, so I guess it’s about any non-latin character) in the file name, and GoPro Studio won’t import the video.

Problem solved. :-)

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13 thoughts on “GoPro Studio: import of video files doesn’t work – how to fix it
  • Intruder sagt:

    Thx a lot! Workes like a charm also for polish diacritic signs. I wouldn’t mind GoPro releasing a patch tbh…

  • vany sagt:

    Aaaaahhhhh thank you soooo much! I was struggling for hours with that problem! :D I really didn’t get why the program just won’t import two or three videos, while all the other ones worked. You saved my day! :D

  • Simao sagt:

    Cheers! Problem solved! :-D

  • GereeX sagt:

    Thanks! Renamed, and it works ! :)

  • Alnair sagt:

    Thanks a lot! GoPro studio doesn’t like Cyrillic characters as well.

  • TH sagt:

    Thanks for the tip, we were fighting with it for a while today…

  • Israel G sagt:

    Hello guys :)

    I have had the same problem but with a major disadvantage. When i copied all the files from the camera I deleted them afterwards. Do you have any other kind of solution??

    Thank you very much :)

  • Cactus sagt:

    Same problem with simple accent „è“, solved too. Thanks!!

  • Hero 3+ Owner sagt:

    Go Pro Software is a complete sh*t! Everyday new problems, everyday lot of lost work due the „Go Pro Studio has stopped“ and i think that Go Pro developers should think about it and correct that, because, i’m paying for a expensive camera that doesn’t seems to have a good support. Now my camera is turning off recordings alone, and that’s not the card problem, cause it works great in other camera. If you try to contact support nothing, but automatic answers. The software update removes the cappaciti co connect to a computer through a usb cable. Whatzapp??? I don’t have any connection mode than this one.

  • Dennis sagt:

    Awesome thx! The ‚ï‘ won’t work either >.<

  • Rembo sagt:

    That’s a boolsh*t! Stupidest bug I’ve seen! Thanks a lot man! I’ve renamed Cyrillic folder to English and it’s importing now.

  • Rafael sagt:

    Muito obrigado pela ajuda. Aqui o meu problema foi o „ão“ do nome de uma pasta. Ele também não aceita pontuação. Daí, renomeei a pasta para „……“ e ele importou na hora.

  • wagner sagt:

    Thanks a Lot! just renamed removing the „ç“ and works!

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